900138  (911003) Gas Purity Tester

ASCO CO2 Gas Purity Tester                                                                                 part no. 900138(911003)

900138  (911003)ASCO CO2 Gas Purity Tester: Standard scope of

The ASCO CO2 Gas Purity Tester has been designed to measure the purity of CO2 up to 99.995% in a quick, easy and reliable way. Essential for bottling plants, breweries, beverage manufacturers and industrial gas companies. The complete kit contains all equipment for a simple, safe and fast CO2 gas purity test and is complete with easy instructions (step by step pictures on a laminated A3 sheet). The ASCO CO2 Gas Purity Tester (stainless steel) can be used either wall-mounted or free standing.  



ASCO CO2 Gas Purity Tester Complete kit comprises:

  • CO2 purity tester
  • pair of protective gloves
  • protective GLasses
  • two plastic containers
  • flexible hose


part no. 911003

Mini-Vaporiser for CO2 Gas Purity Tester: Application

CO2 Mini-Vaporiser for ASCO CO2 Gas Purity Tester

The mini-vaporiser vaporises liquid CO2 into gaseous form. Gaseous CO2 will be used to measure the CO2 purity with the purity tester.

Liquiq CO2 from CO2 tank

ASCO CO2 Gas Purity Tester: Options

Mini-Vaporiser for CO2 Gas Purity Tester

Equipped with flow regulator

Maximum inlet pressure 25 bar (348.09 psi)


  • adaptor 1 V in (38.1 mm) made of stainless steel
  • adaptor 1“ made of stainless steel
  • high pressure hose, PFTE, DN5, 6L, 2 m (6.6 ft)
  • short instruction manual A3

part no. 4046324

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