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Vapour Delivery Module

  • Accurately controlled gas/liquid mixture
  • Pre-tested, safe and ready to use
  • High reproducibility
  • Very stable vapour flow

All-In-One Vapour Delivery Module

Bronkhorst® model SW-200 VDM All-In-One Vapour Delivery Modules are suited for precise vapour flow delivery, composed by mixing up to 120 g/h H2O (320 g/h IPA) with max. 10 ln/min of carrier gas at operating pressures between vacuum and 10 bar. The VDM incorporates the components of a Bronkhorst® CEM-System and more! Besides gas and liquid flow controllers and the temperature controlled evaporator, the module features integrated power supply with display (1,8"TFT) and control functions. As an option, the unit offers local or remote trace heating temperature control.

Technical specifications


Ambient temperature


Max. heating temperature


Heater capacity

10 W


Mechanical /Electrical specifications

Material (wetted parts)

stainless steel 316L or comparable

Pressure rating

10 bar(g)

Process connections

Gas and liquid inlet: compression type or face seal couplings;
Vapour outlet: 1/4" tube (other options on request)

Purge outlet

1/8" OD compression type or 1/8" face seal male


Viton®/Kalrez®; other on request




1,8" (TFT technology)

Mains supply inlet

IEC 60320-1/C20 male socket with on/off switch, 230 V / 115 V; 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Power consumption

max. 250 VA;
add 300 VA for optional tracing control

Electrical connection

FLOW-BUS (2 x RJ45 connector) or RS232 (1 x 9-pin sub-D connector);
Optional: Pt100-connection (1 x 4-pin M12 male, a-coded);
Optional: IEC 60320-2-2/C13 female tracing outlet