Compact, light weight flow meter for monitoring fuel consumption

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Strong metal moulded case, with LCD display
  • Ease of mounting and operation
  • Very cost-effective solution
  • Built-in fuel filter
  • Stable to vibrations and hydraulic shock
  • The compact and light weight fuel flow meters for monitoring fuel consumption
  • FUEL-VIEW flow meters operate on the principle of a rotary piston that is mounted into a chamber ring which rotates in a chamber case. The rotating speed is measured by electronic sensors which measure a magnetic pulse. The number of pulses in time is proportional to the fuel flow rate. The unique design of the flow meter allows fuel flow, even if the chamber is locked or clogged up. A fuel filter effectively protects the measuring chamber from contamination and can be removed and washed without disassembling the flow meter.

    FUEL-VIEW model DFM-50C can be used for 1...50 l/h. The instrument has a battery powered LCD display that allows reading of actual flow [l/h], total flow consumption [l], total engine operating time [h], engine operating time in ”idling”, “optimal” and “overload” mode.
  • Technical specifications



± 1% RD


1:50 (2...100%)


Diesel fuel, gasoline*, petrol*, fuel oil, motor fuel, bio fuel.
Other liquids with kinematic viscosity from 1.5 to 6 mm2/sec are possible but maximal flow rate could be lower than the specified flow range and pressure drop over the instrument can be higher.


<0.1% RD typical

Operating pressure

2...25 bar(a)

Max. pressure drop

<0.3 bar(d) at 20°C on diesel

Operating temperature



<95% at environmental temperature of 40°C

Vibration resistance

Max. acceleration to 100 m/s2 in frequency range from 5 to 250 Hz

Aggressive environment

Resistant to fuel and lubricant material


Mechanical parts

Material (wetted parts)

O-ring: aluminium
gasket: oil-resistant rubber
chamber bridge: steel
bushing with magnets: plastic
mud filter: plastic and steel grid
chamber cover: Zinc-Aluminium alloy


Zinc-Aluminium alloy (ZA4)

Ingress protection (housing)



R female M14 x 1.5 thread


Electrical properties


Battery powered LCD screen (2 years of life)