Flow Indicator WR1-...GM / K, WR1-008G.G, WR1-010G.G,  WR1-015G.G,WR1-020G.G,  WR1-025G.G, WR1-032G.G, WR1-040G.G

Dich vụ sửa chữa, bảo dưỡng, cải tiến các hệ thống dây chuyền tự động công nghiệp

● Internal wiper provides ability to clean the glass without removing the device. 

● Sliding bearing made from PEEK for liquids, or grease-free ball bearing for air and gases 

● Rotor visible from 360 ° 


Mechanical flow indicator, for fluid media, with rotor for quantitative flow display. 

The rotor turns in proportion to the flow. 

Robust construction in brass or stainless steel.