As an official CNG packager for the Ariel Corporation in the USA since January 2003, Hyosung has provided all kinds of services, such as technical support and follow-up control, to global customers. Ariel Corporation, as the biggest CNG compressor supplier in the world, is also the biggest CNG compressor market worldwide. Hyosung was the first in Asia to design and manufacture CNG packaging equipment and control systems and has conveniently provided the best service and after-service to our customers.


  • Optimum refueling system based on Hyosung’s 40 years of accumulated technology in industrial equipment and electricity
  • System designed with an optimum capacity under the various suction pressure conditions (60kg/cm2 or higher)
  • Economical operation using various operation modes (types: buffer and cascade)
  • Advanced refueling accuracy using the electronic temperature compensation system
  • High-speed refueling (five or six minutes for one bus and two minutes for one automobile)
  • Flexible system design for extension of the system in the future
  • Service network establishment and online training support
  • Simultaneous refueling based on 100% refueling
  • Low follow-up control cost
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Secures stability of the system by applying standards such as KS, ASME, NFPA, UL, DOT, AGA, and API