Hyosung offers motors that meet the KS and IEC standards. We offer high-quality motors that best fit the standards as well as operate optimally, especially in industrial environments.



High compatibility, various models

Ensures compatible dimensions through applying IEC and KS standards on designs

Provides the enclosed, semi-enclosed, and F/H/C type insulation motors as well as general industrial and special motors.

Offers wide range of choices suitable for any place and purpose

Compact and lightweight

Compact frame size using F- and H-type insulation systems

Light-weight steel plate frame for motors under 15kW

Superior features and high reliability

Uses quality electric materials to minimize electricity loss; the use of precision parts and bearings reduces mechanical loss, thus improving motor efficiency and providing excellent power savings.

Excellent operational features based on rational design and strict quality management

Lower noise with improved ventilation structure

Optimum structure design using an interpretation program and 2D/3D programs

Scope of Production

Rated Power

0.4kW ~ 750kW

Types available

Totally enclosed, partially enclosed, explosion proof, inverter, pole change, mining, special purpose, etc.