Whether it’s dust, moisture, temperature extremes or wash-down requirements, the SLAMf Series elastomer sealed thermal mass flow controllers and meters deliver the precise accuracy and long-term stability of our proven SLA5800 family of meters and controllers. A specially engineered NEMA4X/IP66 enclosure protects our advanced digital electronics and ensures stable, accurate measurement and control of your process-critical gas and liquid mass flows.



  • NEMA4X / IP66 rated hardened enclosure
  • Wide range of full scale flows - from 0.003 up to 2500 lpm (36,000 lpm for meters)
  • Suitable for a broad range of temperature and pressure conditions
  • Industry-leading thermal flow measurement sensor technology delivers excellent accuracy
  • Programmable multi-gas/multi-range capabilities
  • Advanced self-test routines and an independent diagnostic service port lets users troubleshoot or change flow conditions without removing the MFC from service
  • Broad array of communication options including DeviceNet®, Profibus® and RS-485 plus analog interfaces


  • Hardened device housing ensures process accuracy and control in harsh conditions
  • Proprietary thermal sensing technology delivers superior signal to noise ratio at low set points
  • Long-term sensor stability reduces maintenance and periodic recalibration requirements
  • Choose one device, program up to six different gas calibrations
  • User-accessible service port simplifies installation, troubleshooting and diagnostic tasks
  • Excellent accuracy backed by superior metrology systems and calibration based on global standards
  • Multi-protocol communication interface simplifies integration into existing systems


  • Chemical and petrochemical pilot plants
  • Life sciences bioreactors
  • Blanketing in food processing