When you need a compact, economical mass flow meter that delivers long-term, stable flow measurement without requiring temperature or pressure correction, the 5700 Series thermal mass flow meter meets your requirements. It’s engineered specifically for the needs of purge gas, process analysis and analytical flow measurement: cost-effective and stable, with an electrical output signal that makes it ideal for replacing turbine meters, variable area flow meters and other volumetric devices.


  • Metering only
  • Wide range of flow rates
  • Stainless steel wetted materials
  • Single sided power input
  • 0.5 Volt output signal


  • Mass flow measurement – no temperature or pressure correction required
  • Suitable for most applications
  • Rugged, all stainless steel construction and no moving parts provides superior corrosion resistance and long-term reliability compatible with most process/test gases
  • Simple, low cost installation
  • Electrical output signal allows flow indication, trending and totalizing
  • Great first consideration when upgrading from variable area flow meters


  • Purge gas measurement
  • Gas and moisture analyzers
  • Particle monitors
  • Medical/anesthesiology oxygen systems
  • Aeration/foaming system