VR TENSION is the new solution for Weight & Tension Detector with creative construction and drastic development for higher durability and flexible interface power


High Sensibility, High Reliability, High Durability, High Precision
Are you still having weight & tension detection trouble with your Tension Meter?
If so, please meet NSD VR TENSION with the state-of-the-art and peak-performance

VRTENSION is the way to precisely detect the weight and tension even under Heavy-Load.VRTENSION is able to withstand the weight over 20 times heavier  than the rating load in common *1NO ZERO ADJUSTMENT *2 Zero point never misaligns because of high stiffness and unique structural design. Highly reliable data and response processing under tension change. Infinitesimal weight and tension change should be detected by VRTENSION through the creative VR Detecting System

1. Permitted load depends on the each models ※2. Zero-point must be set at the time of setup.