"One-touch" disconnect

Adapted a good operability "One-Touch" structure from unique development.
Simple, safe and unfailing to connect and disconnect.

Environment resistance

Adapted stainless shell, superior durability and shock resistance.
Protaction rating IP67, dustproof and waterproof

Easy Crimp

Possible to crimp by JIS* conformed crimp tools.
*: Japanese Industrial standard

Breaking prevention clamp system

Adapted a special mesh clamp as a cable clamp.
Makes cables stronger against bend and sweep.

We respect the requests from the fields.


Iron and Steel, and Continuous Casting Plant
"One-Touch" connectors for high-current (Electromagnetic stirring)


The connector becomes heavy and big because 900A electric current flows. 
Every time the casting molds are changed, the connector must be disconnected. Therefore, the operation is very dangerous.
The working floor was dusty in high temperature, 
because there was just under running molten steel.
The more they worked, the more they were suffered from danger.

NSD's Approach

Even with high-current, adapts the unique "One-Touch" structure and suggests compact design. 
The body is all made of stainless. Safe disconnecting shortens the working time.