CYLNUC is NSD smart and heavy duty cylinder linear position sensing cylinder that indicates the amount of linear travel and rod extension throughout the range of sensing stroke.

Item Code Description
Bore size 20 Φ20 Units : mm
40 Φ40
Stroke 30 ~ 500 Φ20 10 mm units is possible. Units : mm
30 ~ 700 Φ40 10 mm units is possible.
Mounting style [FA]Flange on rod end side
[LS]Foot on rod end side /parallel to axis 
[TB]Trunnion on head end side
[FB]Flange on head end side
[LB]Foot both ends /parallel to axis 
Max. operating pressure 7 0.7 MPa(7kgf/cm2)
0 Piston with hole
Connector B With connector(NJW-2012-PM)
R Crimp-type terminal(R1.25-4)
Cable length 2.0 2 m

A1 Lock nut (accessory)
A2 Clevis / single
A3 Clevis / double (supplied with a Pivot pin A4)
A4 Pivot pin (for Clevis)
C4 Bellows