SH-21A Ultrasonic hardness tester SONOHARD


  • Evaluation of carburizing, standard quenching and high-frequency quenching
  • Weld hardness measurement for welded structures (tanks, hulls, bridges, steel towers ,etc.)
  • Hardness measurement for a gear tooth flank (narrow area)
  • Measurement of structural strength or hardness of a facility
  • 100% online inspection for components (engine valves, rack bars, crankshafts, bearings, etc.)


Measuring Indenter

Diamond indenter for Micro-Vickers (facing-to-surface angle of 136 deg)

Measuring load

Approx 1kgf (roughly 10N)
Approx 2kgf (roughly 20N)
(These loads indicate those in typical applications. As the specification varies according to the object to be measured, please contact us for details.)

Measuring range

Rockwell hardness: 10.0 HRC to 70.0 HRC
Vickers hardness: 100 HV to 999 HV
Shore hardness: 20.0 HS to 99.9 HS
Brinell hardness: 85 HBW to 550 HBW


HRC:± 1.0HRC , HV : ± (3%rdg)HV , HS: ± 1.0HS , HBW : ± (3%rdg)HBW

Power source

AC adapter (100 to 240V) or lithium ion rechargeable battery

Minimum target size

15 mm (width) x 15 mm (length) x 7 mm (thickness)