Series VN Compact Electromagnetic Flow Sensor VN05, VN10, VN20

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Đặc tính

  • Hiệu suất cao, chi phí thấp, nhỏ gọn
  • Độ tin cậy vượt, trội không có bộ phận chuyển động
  • Thích hợp sử dụng trong máy móc.
  • Đèn báo (trạng thái) 2 màu dễ kiểm tra
  • 2 đầu ra có thể lựa chọn (Đơn vị, xung mật độ cao, Cảnh báo, Chuyển đổi)

Examples of use

Series VN Compact Electromagnetic Flow Sensor VN05, VN10, VN20


Measurement principle

Measurement principle


Principal of measurement Electromagnetic type with Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction
Accuracy assured flow-rate range *2 0.05~1 L/min 0.5~10 L/min 3.0~60L/min
Measurement starting flow-rate 0.025 L/min 0.25 L/min 1.5 L/min
Piping connection Socket type
union joint (16A)
Socket type
union joint (16A)
Socket type
union joint (20A)
Accuracy *3 Unit pulse output ±2.0%RS (100~20% of the maximum flow-rate)
±0.4%FS (20~5% of the maximum flow-rate)
Response time (at 63% response) Standard: 2 seconds. Setting within the range of 0.1600 seconds is available.
Fluid temperature range 0~40°C, freezing must be avoided. (VNS05 can resist 15 minutes per day of 95°C, whereas its accuracy is out of guarantee.
Measurable fluid
  • Sodium hypochlorite (Concentration of 1~12%)
  • Sodium hydroxide aqueous solution (Concentration of 10~25%)

For other kind of liquid, by selecting with reference to the following major materials of the fluid-touching materials, please consult with us for suitability confirmation.

Working ambient temperature range -20~60°C
Ambient temperature range for storage -20~70°C
Fluid pressure range 0~1MPa
Signal cable
  • Standard cable length 0.5m
  • 4-wires (AWG26)
    Line 1: Power + line
    Line 2: Power – line
    Line 3: Output 1
    Line 4: Output 2
  • Top of the each: Soldered stranded wire
Display 1 LED display at the flowsensor’s body


  • Green: Flow-rate indication (Indication with blinking speed of 3 steps)
  • Red: Alarm indication (Indication of abnormality with numbers of blinking)
Place of installation Indoor installation
(In case of outdoor installation, please take necessary measure so that the flowsensor is not exposed to rain and sun beam directly.)
Enclosure IPX4
Corresponding standard CE Standard *1
Fluid-touching materials Main body: PEEK resin
Electrodes: Pure titanium (2 kinds)O-ring: For sodium hypochlorite, etc. – FKM (Fluoro rubber)
For Sodium hydroxide aqueous solution, etc. — EPDM (Ethylene propylene rubber)
Installation position Free (Vertical piping is recommended.)

*1 Except EN61000-4-5(surge) because VN series is intended to utilize as the built-in flowsensor of a machine,etc.
*2 (Minimum flow-rate ~ maximum flow-rate)
*3 For constant flow without pulsation.


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