Relay V101 Veris HOA Switch

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Data Sheet

SPST N.O., coil: 10-30 VAC/DC and 120 VAC, LED indicator, 3/4" nipple mount with nut, 14" long tinned wires. UL.

With a concealed HOA switch for local control and troubleshooting, the Victory 101 relays provide HOA flexibility while limiting unauthorized switch manipulation. 


  • Command contactors
  • Control motors
  • Isolation
  • Device interlocking
  • Relay logic
  • Sense voltages for alarm conditions

Sleek field enclosure eliminates the need for panel space

  • The nipple mount feature allows the Victory series to be mounted to any electrical enclosure
  • Flexible tinned stranded wire...fits easily in tight spaces and provides secure connections to wire nuts
  • UL508 Listed...designed and approved for field installation...makes electrical inspection a snap
  • Concealed HOA switch reduces the likelihood of tampering
  • Out of sight, out of mind...eliminate curiosity switching
  • Eliminate costly control system override and service calls

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