TACHTROL 30 Key Features (T77630):

Part Number Series T77610 &T77630

Also refer to Tachtrol

The TACHTROL 30 computing tachometer is a dual channel instrument. It measures input frequency and converts the resulting quantities to an analog output, utility RS485 communication, 2 solid state & 2 mechanical relay functions and digital display.

The TACHTROL 10 computing tachometer is the same as the TACHTROL 30 but excludes the solid state relays, analog output and the utility RS485 function.

These instruments will accept a wide range of AC or DC power and have greatly improved accuracy, processing speed and response time. They can be used in rate, period or counter mode.

The simplified programming can be done in the field or office via PC/Windows-based TACHLINK or through the integrated display/membrane panel. Security mode guarantees unauthorized access to programming changes.

Typically, the new TACHTROL 30 or 10 are used with magnetic sensors as a signal source. However, they may receive sine wave or square wave TTL signals from any frequency source including phase-shifted frequencies from bi-directional Hall sensors to indicate change in direction.

Features & Advantages:

  • Quicker Response Time - 7.6 ms (analog & display), 16.5 ms (mech. Relays), 2 ms (dig. Relays)
  • Higher Level of Accuracy - 0.1% (analog & display), 0.005% (relays)
  • Field Programmable - With TACHLINK or TACHTROL plus
  • Digital Configuration - Approaches real time
  • Analog Outputs - 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, -20 to 0 to +20 mA
  • Relays - (2) mechanical Form C, 6 A @ 277 Vac, (2) solid state Form A 0.4A @ 60 Vac or DC
  • AC or DC Power - 80-264 Vac, 50/60 Hz; 12-30 Vdc
  • Digital Display - Will accept (7) TACHTROL plus remote displays
  • 9 Computed Functions


  • Printing, Textile, Pulp & Paper
  • Petrochemical Production
  • Food Processing
  • Fast Response Overspeed Shutdown
  • 2 Channel Speed/Draw Monitor
  • Bi-directional Tachometer
  • Reverse Rotation Alarm
  • Low Speed Tachometer/Switching
  • Clutch Slip Alarm
  • Winder Control
  • Ahead/Astern Marine Tachometer
  • Expanded Analog Scale Speed Transmitter
  • Counter
  • Flow Rate Monitor
  • Process Time Monitor
  • Time per Event Monitor
  • Autoranging Tachometer
  • Computer Signal Conditioner
  • Averaging Tachometer
  • Line Frequency Monitor 60.00 Hz/400.00 Hz
  • RS485 Speed Transmitter
  • Turbine Speed Monitor/Control