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Các ứng dụng


Thông số kỹ thuật



Nominal Diameters
Accuracy-Guaranteed Flow-Rate Range




0.5 ~ 15 L/min

2.0 ~ 60 L/min

Displayable Flow-Rate Range

0.0 ~ 18 L/min

0.0 ~ 72 L/min

Low-Flow Cut-Off

0.45 L/min

1.8 L/min

Repeatability Accuracy

±2%F.S. (No need of straight piping)


Ambient Temperature

±5%F.S. (Relative error when changing from the standard temperature 25°C to 10°C or 50°C)

Fluid Temperature

±5%F.S. (Relative error when changing from the standard temperature 25°C to 1°C or 85°C)

Piping Connection




Fluid Temperature Range

0 ~ 85°C

Conductivity Range

5μS/cm ~ 3mS/cm

Measurable Fluids

Water, water-soluble coolant

Working Pressure

0 ~ 1 MPa

Pressure Resistance

2 MPa

Pressure Drop

0.02 MPa or less

Response Time (63% Response)

0.25s / 0.5s / 1s / 2s / 5s (Default Value: 1s)

Working Ambient Temperature/Working Ambient Humidity

0 ~ 50°C / 35 ~ 85%RH (Non-condensing)

LED Display


Main Display: 4 digits and 7 segments (Two-color display in green and red) Sub Display: 6 digits and 11 segments (White)

Main Display

Displays either instantaneous flow-rate or accumulated flow volume

Sub Display

Output mode or input mode, flow direction, arbitrary characters (Selectable)

Display Unit

Instantaneous flow-rate: L/min; Accumulated flow volume: L, kL or ML (Selectable)
NPN or PNP transistor output *Please select when ordering.

Switch Output

Maximum Load Voltage/Current

30 VDC / 50 mA

Output Modes

Level judgment mode/ Window judgment mode/ Trip accumulated flow volume output mode/ Accumulated flow volume pulse output mode/ Alarm output mode (Selectable)
(Accumulated flow volume pulse output mode: Nominal Diameter 10: Pulse unit: 0.01 L/P, ON-time: 10 ± 5 ms ; Nominal Diameter 15 and 20: Pulse unit 0.1 L/P, ON-time: 50 ± 5 ms)

Analog Output

Voltage/ Current

1 to 5 V DC load impedance: 50 kΩ or higher/4 to 20 mA load impedance: 500 Ω or less
* Please select when ordering.

Switch Input

Input Time

20 ms or longer

Short-Circuit Current

Approximately 2 mA

Protection Class

IP65 (When using the body-connection connector cable)

Current Consumption

65 mA or less

Power Source

24 VDC ± 10% P-P Ripple within ± 10%

Installation Position






Wetted-Parts Materials

PPS / FKM / Bronze (CAC804)


Body-connection connector cable: 3 m

Optional Parts

Installation bracket

Note 1. Please read and understand the product specifications before using the product.
Note 2. In case of consideration to arrange plural pieces of the products by the side of a flow rate type filling apparatus in Japan, please refer to Japanese Patent No. 3916032 before deciding to install them.
*1 Please select either analog output or switch input.


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